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Monday, 16 February 2015 19:54


Next time you shop on Amazon, support SSAAP by starting your search with Amazon Smile.  A portion of the proceeds of Smile-eligible purchases will be donated to our organization.  Begin at smile.amazon.com.


If you wish to donate to SSAAP, we welcome any contributions via either PayPal or Zelle.  However, please know that if you donate through PayPal, the company takes a portion of your donations for itself, while Zelle is a completely free money-moving service and 100% of your donation will be received by SSAAP.

Neither you nor SSAAP pays a fee.

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SSAAP & The Westminster Rotary Club PDF Print E-mail
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Sunday, 19 May 2013 13:54

Sustainability of SSAAP PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 09 September 2011 12:17

The purpose of sustainability in SSAAP is as follows: as a direct priority of SSAAP’s
mission, sustainability in all three countries where the project exists 
(Zambia, Sierra Leone and U.S.A.) is mandatory. 
In the U.S.A., for legal purposes in accordance with IRS tax laws as well as IRS 
nonprofit laws,  SSAAP must be a sustainable entity supported by a legitimate 
Board of Directors. The IRS frowns upon organizations run by one or two people. 
SSAAP is a 501(c) charitable organization, Tax ID # 27-2033029.
All donations are tax-exempt through SSAAP.
Additionally, SSAAP is registered with the Zambian government under the Republic of 
Zambia Ministry of Home Affairs, Registration number ORS/102/47/515 as of 
13 February 2009.
SSAAP has an approximate ten-year time span; the project was developed in 2008, and thus 
by 2018 it should be completed in Zambia; it was developed in 2009 in Sierra Leone 
thus ought to be finished in Sierra Leone by 2019. Funds and interest permitting, the 
project has potential to sustain itself well-beyond that time-frame.
By 2018, Simwatachela ought to have sustainable water and means for sustaining itself in 
the event that a problem with the water would occur. In the case of water via borehole, 
the communities have borehole committees ['Cikuju Committee'] in charge of collecting 
donations from households within the region where the borehole is found. These contributions 
are put into a pool whereby in the event of a pipe breaking, or the borehole ceasing to work 
the funds will pay for an expert to fix the borehole, or replace the pipe, etc.
Please note that without repair, the pipes in the borehole have a life-span 
of approximately 7-10 years.
In the well-digging scenarios in rural Zambia and Sierra Leone, the sustainability factor is 
contingent upon the community's desire for clean water. Wells require physical labor 
contributions by beneficiaries of the wells; thus, the sustainability element rests in the 
concept that those who have invested in the well will see to it that it remains useful and 
sustainable. The contribution of physical labor is an investment whereby villagers can feel 
pride in ownership of a project, and the chances of a higher sustainability rate thus increases 
exponentially in this scenario.
Sustainability in the Micro-loan Program for Vulnerable People is ensured that as one loan is 
re-paid, it will 'cycle' to another person in need, then to another, etc. The same money in the 
'loan pool' will be recycled and passed from one needy person or group onto another after the 
duration of the loan is completed. 
Artisans ought to have sustainable means for selling their art and promoting their crafts by the 
end of the project cycle in both African nations. 

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SSAAP Selected for Google Nonprofits PDF Print E-mail
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Friday, 24 June 2011 12:28

SSAAP has been selected to participate in the Google for Nonprofits program.

The full letter of approval can be found below.


Dear Heather Cumming,


We are very pleased to tell you that your organization,
Simwatachela Sustainable Agricultural and Arts Program, has been selected
to participate
in the Google for Nonprofits program!

 Thank you,

Google for Nonprofits team

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Wednesday, 16 March 2011 09:01
To alleviate starvation by securing a sustainable water source; to promote sustainable agriculture and nutrition, and to promote empowerment through income-generating activities.
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