Core Values

Core Values for SSAAP

Diversity: Embracing the differences and similarities among all peoples of the world in regards to universal understanding, friendship, and respect.


Relevance: Nurturing the daily impact of how helping others less fortunate than ourselves impacts our lives, and the essence of how helping others ultimately leads to helping ourselves. So everyone benefits from philanthropy.


Transformation: By donating a sheep or a goat to a village, sponsoring a child to go to school, or supporting an artist one has helped to transform an individual’s life. By donating services, in cash or in kind, towards clean drinking water in a rural area, one has helped to transform an entire community of people’s lives.


Sustainability: Without sustainability, all efforts of SSAAP are not effective to their fullest potential. Research of the culture and an understanding of the people will help the foreigners to better sustain their relations with Africans, and knowledge gained by Africans through foreigners on food storage, hygiene, health, maintenance of water resources and other topics will help to ensure sustainability on both sides of SSAAP’s efforts.


Transparency and Accountability: Accuracy in documentation, clarity in reports, honesty in interactions concerning SSAAP and funds accounted for are examples of accountability.Transparency is defined as clarity in how money is spent so that funds are not squandered as well as lucidity and precision in reports concerning SSAAP. This is especially important in relation to SSAAP’s credibility with donors, with other sources of funding and with both the IRS and the Zambian government.



Please consider donating to SSAAP. Any donation will help. No donation is too small.