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Art: A personal inspiration and ally, source of great healing and awareness-expansion available to the masses.

In an effort to support local artisans, SSAAP buys/commissions/empowers local artisans in both Zambia and Sierra Leone and sells their art at SSAAP fundraisers in the U.S.A. Above, beaded baskets braided with recycled plastic trash. When all else falls away, art never fails.
Art as music, as poetry, as visual, as writing, as Nature.
SSAAP's loyal friend, part of our African family, trusted counterpart, and talented woodcarver, Clifftone Sitali, affectionately called ‘Cliffy’ by my daughter. A very humble man, he is also Secretary to Chief Mukuni, one of the highest and most-revered Paramount Chiefs in the whole of Zambia. Chief Mukuni’s chiefdom, thriving from his resourcefulness, is also a place tourists can visit to see animals (lions, cheetahs, rhinos, water buffaloes) as well to buy traditional African handcrafts and observe the customs and traditions of his tribe, the Leya people. Situated only 7 kilometers outside of Victoria Falls, Mukuni Village is an arts and culture base for Southern Province, Zambia.
SSAAP is proud to introduce a new artisan in Zambia (Mukuni Chiefdom) to work with: Shadreck Siamate. Shadreck is a talented craftsman in his use of explosive color to bring his animals to life on canvas.

SSAAP thanks Mr. Siamate for its recent contract with him and looks forward to commissioning him to paint more small canvases in the future. Many thanks, as well, to all who have helped cart SSAAP art from Africa to America. We could not host SSAAP fundraisers in the States without your assistance. Thank you graciously!
SSAAP continues to work with artisans from Mosi-oa-Tunya, Zambia via ClifftoneSitali (‘Cliffy’, as he is affectionately referred as by my daughter and me) on wood-carving projects, organizing women’s clubs in Mukuni Village, Zambia, as well finding new artisans to work with SSAAP. Clifftone meets with SSAAP partners on behalf of SSAAP when Heather is out of the country as well; he is SSAAP’s Art Representative in Zambia. Thanks, Cliffy, not only for your hard work with SSAAP but also your oceanic friendship. Zambia would never be the same without you.
Ginny Sibooli of Simwatachela, great-great-great-grandmother, holding her incredible baskets: woven entirely of tree fibers (‘lozi’) and which hold the scent of Africa within them.
SSAAP will continue in its art endeavors in Sierra Leone (November 2016 – April 2017). In the past, Sierra Leone has been an artist’s heaven: beads, paintings, carvings, fabrics, musical instruments. SSAAP hopes to find artisans willing to work together, via contract, in the months to come.
SSAAP works with traditional crafts artisans in both Zambia and Sierra Leone.

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